Oh hi there, good day to you. My name is Sander, a passionate developer with a creative mind™.
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Who is

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A passionate developer with a creative mind™

Who am I

Designer by education,

Developer by interest,

Tinkerer by curiosity.

I have always been captivated by the world of technology. While all my friends were playing a modified version of a game called tibia, my focus was on the intricacies of creating my own version.

This is where my interest for programming arose as I had to figure out how to host a server, create a database or even change the game code to make it work as I wanted it to work.

Checkout my awesome bomb squad mod!

The process of unraveling complex systems has become a driving force behind my pursuit of the digital domain, ever since the day I first wrote the classic hello world program.

Creative technologist

Throughout my journey as a creative technologist, I have honed my skills in both design and development, merging the worlds of aesthetics and functionality.

With a firm grasp on the principles of (digital) design1 and a deep understanding of programming2, I strive to bring innovative ideas to life that embodies the form follows function mantra.

What I like to do

Fusing amazing technology with good design. My driving force is to create tools that enhance the performance of professionals and empower individuals.

Collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds to achieve a shared objective is a value I hold dear. I firmly believe that exceptional solutions emerge when we embrace a multitude of perspectives.

While I’m deeply rooted in the realm of technology, my true strengths shine at the intersection of development and User Experience (UX) design. Actively engaging in both disciplines is where I like to play ball.

Who is sander really

Next to coding, I enjoy to cook and eat. I am fan of the Italian and Mexican kitchen but whenever there is flavour, I’m in!

I like (to be in) nature and am your go-to-guy to entertain/annoy the dog/cat at any party!

Three pictures of Sander. 1. with a dought machine, 2. in nature and 3. with a dog

From time to time I try to experiment with random technologies like 3d printing, Augmented- and Virtual-Reality and micro-controllers. Stepping away from that screen and interact with the (real) world.

Pictures of sander working with 3d-printing, Augmented- and Virtual-Reality and micro-controllers

Sharing === caring

I like to share my knowledge and experience with others. I do this by giving workshops, mentoring students and trying to be an active member of the developer community.

3 pictures of sander sharing knowledge in various ways

You can always challenge me for a game but be aware, I am in it to win it.

sander playing all sorts of games

If the sun is out, I’d love to join you for a beer (or tequila).

sander drinking beers at various place


  1. With a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Multimedia design and a master’s degree in Digital Design

  2. With 15+ years of software development experience